Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Learn more about our refreshingly simple and elegantly designed Continuing Education registration platform.

1. What’s in a name?

Continuing Education registration software is often something you’re forced to deal with, rather than a product you actually want to use.


When we created Redge, we took a fresh approach to the registration experience by building something that could give you an edge in your decision making, the way you function as a team and the way your students perceive you.


Registration that gives you an edge = Redge.

2. Is this too good to be true?

You’d think so, right? The most exciting features of Redge – transparent pricing, unmatched flexibility, amazing reporting at your fingertips – are also the most unbelievable since they’re so far ahead of the options that exist today in Continuing Education registration software. But there are no surprises here – we’ve outlined our capabilities, pricing and mission with complete transparency.

3. Who is the team behind Redge?

We’re glad you asked! Redge is the brainchild of Meni Sarris (Dr. Emmanuel Sarris Ed.D, if you’re fancy) who worked as a Dean at several leading four-year universities as well as serving as an in-house consultant for a major registration technology provider.


In 2022, he joined forces with Ryan Rucker, an IT and Salesforce expert, to create a modern registration experience that was centered around the student journey while also making back-end technologists very happy.

4. What’s the future vision for Redge?

We’re just getting started!


At Redge, we’re very passionate about the power of community. Stay tuned for announcements that will help our clients communicate with each other collaboratively and share resources (think reports and templates, best practices for operational processes, etc.)

5. So I guess this means Meni is never going to work at a university again?

That would be correct. While it was a great feeling to lead high-performing CE units as a dean for so many years, Meni and the Redge leadership team is 100% committed to this platform for the long haul. Working with multiple schools at the same time gives us a chance to make an industry-wide impact, rather than just solving problems for an individual organization. The opportunity to create solutions that endure on a larger scale is energizing and inspiring to our team.

Salesforce Questions:

The power of Salesforce unlocks the potential for so much more.

1. What’s the difference between integrating to Salesforce and being built on Salesforce?

This is a great question, considering that many major registration software companies boast that they’re “Salesforce-ready” or can be easily integrated with Salesforce.


Integrating into Salesforce is possible for almost any software platform, regardless of how poor the experience actually is. So you will have a shiny new Salesforce CRM, but your registration software will still be built on a fragile, complex codebase that requires custom ($$$) projects for any minor tweak.


We built Redge on Salesforce – brand new, from scratch – to avoid using a cobbled-together codebase. It’s cohesive, agile and can easily be customized to your needs, rather than introducing a new element and potentially breaking something or taking several months and thousands of dollars.


And building something on Salesforce means you can trust the power of the Salesforce platform – which 150,000 Fortune 500 companies already do – to grow and scale with your organization for the long term.

2. We’ve never used Salesforce and don’t have a Salesforce instance, but are interested in making the jump. Is it still possible to use Redge?

Absolutely! Our team will help you get up and running on Salesforce if you don’t yet have an account. To be fully transparent, these licensing costs run at approximately $450 per user per year for the CRM, so take that into consideration (although it’s well worth the investment many times over by the efficiency gains you’ll realize.)


If you still need additional support – even including a fully dedicated resource from our team – we will work with you to put together a wraparound, custom and transparent service model that sets you up for success on Redge. We never want a lack of support to stand in between your organization and registration success.

3. Why Redge? Doesn’t Salesforce offer something similar?

You could definitely utilize the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, but at that point you’re getting into a new stratosphere of pricing – and your Salesforce instance would still require quite a bit of customization.


With Redge, we’ve already drawn on our deep experience in CE to map our capabilities to every touchpoint in the student journey, building in the ability to create a lead, take them through registration, and check out in the cart. You’ll be able to leverage those reusable components for however your organization sees fit – and we’ll always be creating new ones to share with you to integrate, for free.

4. Are Salesforce licenses included with Redge?

No. In order to take advantage of Redge, you need to be fully up and running on an independent Salesforce instance. For full transparency, that typically costs around $450 per user per year.


If Salesforce is new to you and you need support, we have wraparound services to get you up and running, including a dedicated resource to help you maximize the value of the platform.

Pricing Questions

Pricing with no surprises was our goal from the get-go.

1. What are my options when it comes to pricing and support?

This is what, arguably, separates us from the pack when it comes to servicing and support. We offer two options for organizations that can benefit from Redge:

Standard: For $39,000 a year, we’ll get you up and running on Redge and fully orchestrate any integrations, data migration and website customization you may need.

With Standard, there’s also our Salesforce Concierge option. For an additional $5,000 per month, you can access enhanced Salesforce assistance with a dedicated success manager for your team.

Of course, Redge support is always included in our Standard plan, but this enhanced option provides unlimited Salesforce support for things like training, onboarding, workflow creation, reporting, integration assistance and more.
Please note that there is a one-year commitment with this option, and after that point it’s month-to-month.

Self-Service: For $19,000 annually, you’ll get the same product as our Standard option, except you implement it independently on your own Salesforce CRM. This is a great option for teams who have dedicated Salesforce administrators and know how to customize it according to their needs.

2. Do integrations cost extra?

No, we do not charge extra for our integrations. You can integrate your existing tech stack and gain full visibility into your organization for free.

3. Can I switch between pricing plans?

If you start with the Standard plan and find that you no longer need as much support post-implementation, you can easily switch to the Self-Serve plan after your contract is completed.


If you start on Self-Serve and find that you’re needing more support than you anticipated, you can explore our Salesforce Concierge option. For $5,000 per month, we’ll provide you with a client success manager that’s fully dedicated to your team for things like workflow creation, training, onboarding, integration support, quarterly health checks and anything else you need assistance with.

4. Why is Redge so inexpensive relative to legacy providers? Couldn't you charge a lot more for it?

Simply put, we want more students to experience the life-changing benefits of Continuing Education. And we want organizations of all sizes to have access to amazing registration experiences. Any time a student goes to sign up for a course and gets an outdated, clunky registration process, it’s a huge barrier to those goals.


Obviously we need to keep the lights on and remain a profitable business, but it’s no surprise that better registration experiences fuel more registrations, which contribute to more positive student experiences, which translates into life-changing results for real people.


We’re technologically sophisticated enough for CE organizations that do millions in revenue, while being affordable enough for those units with just a handful of courses. And we’ve priced ourselves accordingly.

Support & Training Questions

Whether you’re new to Salesforce or a pro, we’ve got the support you need.

1. What’s the onboarding process like?

It’s honestly pretty simple! Our standard implementation goes something like this:



  • We install Redge onto your Salesforce
  • You’ll have some data migration prep homework
  • We facilitate the actual data migration
  • We connect your website to Salesforce
  • We create your accounts, courses, metrics, etc,
  • We make sure your payment gateway works as expected
  • Go live!


As for your team? They’ll get trained on all the relevant back-end processes after we’ve built out anything custom that you need. Key stakeholders will be trained, in-person or virtually – it’s your preference.

2. What if I need additional support?

We offer a dedicated Salesforce resource for your team through our Salesforce Concierge option. Think of this as your school’s own Salesforce Administrator that’s fully dedicated to your team.


They’ll help with reviewing your workflows and creating any new ones, offer unlimited email and phone support, quarterly health checks, ongoing training, user onboarding, integration support, creating reports that aren’t already in the Redge library, and anything else you need assistance with related to Salesforce.